"WinPatrol may be one of the
best kept secrets in computer protection. "
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Are you the "computer person" in your family or company?

    This single exe portable version of WinPatrol is designed to run from a SD card or portable USB device without leaving any left over files or registry entries on the computer being optimized.

    If you're someone who frequently needs to help family and friends, this program is for you!

NEW! WinPatrol PLUS Version Update Engine


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Using WinPatrolToGo
Just plug in the WinPatrolToGo wristband or your favorite portable device and run WinPatrolToGo. WinPatrol PLUS users can activate their PLUS features and their name/code will be stored on the same device and folder as WinPatrolToGo.exe. That will allow you to use WinPatrol PLUS on any machine you need to fix.

Analyze what's installed and running on any computer!

  • Remove Un-Wanted Auto Start crapware.
  • Disable Un-Needed Automatic Windows Services or set them to Start Delayed.
  • Remove Annoying Toolbars and BHO's.
  • Create Reports that provide a snapshot of potential problems.
  • Disable ActiveX Controls & MORE!

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